Deaf Club Society

The year 1973 marked the beginning of the Kuala Lumpur YMCA’s work with the Deaf Community. Deaf Club was established to meet the needs of deaf youth. In 1985, the operation of the Pusat Majudiri Y (‘Y’ self-Reliance Centre for the Deaf) established as a Vocational Training Centre for the Deaf by the National Council of YMCAs was taken over by the YMCA. Thus the YMCA’s integrated Deaf Work Programme (IDWP) took shape, engaging every age group of the Deaf Community. The vision of the PMY is to build a strong and self-reliant Deaf Community continues to motivate and challenge not only the Deaf Community, but also the parents and those who work alongside the Deaf.

Deaf Club has opened avenues for deaf youths and adults to participate in various activities including sports and recreation, seminars, workshops and exchange programmes since its formation in 1973.

Since June 2012, Movimento Simples de Capoeira conducts weekly classes at YMCA for the Deaf Club. This initiative was set-up by Akira, a member of MSC and also of the Deaf Club. Classes are taught by Akira along with Professor Rafael and other members of MSC.