Casa do Capoeira, owned by Professor Rafael and Instrutora Marissa, is home to Movimento Simples de Capoeira Malaysia (MSCM).

Our organization was formed to develop, perform and promote Capoeira and its associated forms of Afro-Brazilian culture here in Malaysia. We aim to educate the public on the benefits of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle via these art forms. We maintain our own space for training and exhibiting Capoeira. Being an incorporated body further facilitates the achievement of our goals. We are a sporting and cultural organization with the following objectives:

  • To further promote and develop Capoeira in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region.
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle through self-expression, music and exercise.
  • To provide and maintain suitable grounds and premises for the playing and practice of Capoeira.
  • To provide quality and up-to-date instruction of Capoeira to members of our organization.
  • To continually improve our facilities and equipment for training and performance purposes.
  • To encourage the exchange of information and skills with other Capoeira groups worldwide.
  • To do any other act, matter or thing which may be deemed conducive to the interests of the organization or in the interests of the game of Capoeira.


Principal Instructor - Professor Rafael

Rafael started Capoeira all because of his mother, who thought it was too late for her to start such a beautiful art form, so she enrolled her three sons. Rafael’s first teacher was Mestre Tadeau, who was with Grupo Bantus Capoeira at that time.
When Rafael was 15 years old he moved from his home town, Montes Claros to Belo Horizonte where the main GBC academy was located, founded and led by Mestre Pintor.

The countless hours of hard work and training paid off, and in 2004 Rafael was sent to Malaysia to lead the first official Capoeira school with a Brazilian teacher. He came to Malaysia without speaking any local languages or knowing anyone. He was met by a small group of eager students holding up his picture at the arrival gate.

Rafael has successfully raised the level of Capoeira in Malaysia to new heights and inspired hundreds of aspiring students throughout the country. His amazing skills have been used in commercials for regional and international brands such as Panasonic, Nippon and 100 plus. It is no wonder that Rafael’s group is the most well-known group in Malaysia.

In 2013, Rafael made a decision to join Contra Mestre Tyson and together they formed the group Movimento Simples de Capoeira. Our affiliate groups can be found in Bangkok, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and Shanghai.