Children naturally love to move…running, jumping and turning cartwheels are natural parts of active, motivated and healthy lives. For children, almost any physical activity is enough to keep them healthy as long as they are moving, and Capoeira really does just that!

Capoeira facilitates movement and exercise through fun, interactive games and basic Capoeira skills. Our classes incorporate the unique music and songs of Capoeira where students are introduced to the instruments and participate in sing-alongs.

Capoeira is a unique discipline teaching both movement and musical skills, as well as introducing children to a different culture and language.

Benefits of Capoeira:

Helps to improve motor skills, coordination, agility and flexibility.

Promotes social interaction and sense of belonging.

Helps develop confidence, discipline and self esteem.

Promotes a healthy lifestyle so children become active, healthy teens.

Develops cultural awareness and tolerance

An important aspect of Capoeira is the community. Once a year, we organize a Festival in KL, Ritmo do Brasil, that includes a variety of workshops, the Batizado, where students are awarded their belts, followed by Noite Brasileira, a party in true Brazilian style.

During this festival, we invite guests from around the world to conduct workshops and partake in the performances and Batizado. We strongly encourage all students to take part in the festival to experience the and be a part of the strong community spirit, to meet and interact with all members of the group, to learn from our guests and others, and above all have fun.

Please check out schedule to find a suitable class and to book a free trial class please email