By Instrutora Prea

An introduction

The game of Capoeira has for the most part been the domain of men, with women’s involvement in Capoeira limited by cultural norms of the given time in Brazilian history.

However, our world today has moved towards an increasingly androgynous phase where women have slowly, but surely gained more traction on many aspects of life such as politics, sports and martial arts – activities that were once deemed exclusively as male-driven.

What can Capoeira do for you?

In short, it really depends on what you want to achieve. Do you want to lose weight? Tone up flabby muscles? Increase your stamina?

Capoeira is an amazing workout. It engages your whole body. Not only will it help you gain strength, flexibility and agility, it will most definitely get you into great shape … with consistent training of course!

Capoeira will build your physical confidence, it encourages healthy competition and is a great community to be part of.

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