Terça & Quinta is a Batucada (Brazilian percussion) band. As tradition stands, the band is made up of an array of drummers and other percussionists led by a director, who conducts and signals with whistles the various breaks, solos, whoops and hollers. It is considered by some to be the epitome of the percussive ensemble. Batucada is characterized by its repetitive style and fast pace. Apart from the traditional rhythms, Terça & Quinta also features strings and a vocalist, performing popular songs with a Batucada twist.


With no formal music training, but just his sheer love for the music and natural talent, Professor Rafael formed the band in 2008. A few members of the band are musical trained, but the majority have also had no formal music training. However, this is not a hindrance but a uniqueness. Terça & Quinta is a band made up of a bunch of passionate people with the drive to learn and expand their knowledge and skill in Brazilian art forms. Together they experiment and churn out tunes which all add up to a delicious assault on the senses.

Terça & Quinta can be booked to perform pure Batucada, that is traditional samba rhythms. This type of performance goes well with Sambistas (Samba dancers).

Please contact Marissa on +6012 6966983 or email hello@movimento.my

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