Steve & Odile Murphy, Luca’s Parents

“We began sending our son, Luca, to Capoeira about 4 years ago, when he was only 4 years old! Right from the beginning, he loved it and over the past 4 years has enjoyed every part of being in the Capoeira crew. In this time, he has learnt many things, including the technical side of Capoeira which has given him a great base for his sporting and physical development. Perhaps even more importantly, he has learnt how to be part of a team and community, understanding respect, togetherness, about fun – and rhythm!

Today, he loves Capoeira just as much as did right from the beginning 4 years ago. As his parents, we love Luca being part of this group (even though he now idolises Rafael more than his own dad..!), and think that Capoeira will continue to be an important part of Luca’s life.”


Vithya Selvarajah, Kay’s Mother

“These are the words from a five year old – “Why do they not have a capoeira school that I can go to everyday?”
We are so happy to have found Bantus Capoeira, Kay fell in love with it right away. He looks forward to his classes every week, the instructors are really fun and great with the kids. It’s a full body and mind experience for him. AMAZING FOR KIDS.”


Farrah & Ryan McPhees, Aydin’s Parents

Placing Aydin into Bantus Capoeria has certainly been a decision we haven’t regretted. He took to it immediately and never before has he been so focused in any extracurricular activity like he has with capoeira. He practices everyday without being told, has shown tremendous confidence boosts and made new friends while learning. I have no reservations about placing our daughter into the class the minute she is old enough.